Love Macarons? Adore Macarons
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St. Ives Farmers Market
9.30am - 2pm
Every Thursday

This tray contains lemon, chocolate, raspberry, pistacio and coffee macarons.

Sorry, I am not making any macarons in the immediate future.

All of my macarons are hand made in St. Ives to the highest standards. I do not use artificial flavours or preservatives in any of my macarons. My raspberry macarons are flavoured with real raspberries, the pistachio macarons with crushed pistachios, the chocolate macarons with dark chocolate (and cream) and so on. By starting with good simple ingredients I end up with simply good tasting macarons.

Close up of a raspberry macaron.My macarons are inspired by Lindt & Sprungli and visitors to St. Ives have commented on how they remind them of the colourful displays in their Swiss shops. It is the combination of the striking colours, local ingredients and rich taste that make macarons such a luxurous tasting treat.

clse up of a coffee macaron from a selection tray.Macarons are notoriously difficult to make and this is one of the reasons why they are often so expensive. I can sell my macarons very reasonably because I do not have the overheads of running a shop. I make all the macarons myself and sell them through local farmers markets, food fayres and artisan food shops in St Ives.